Field Manager Essentials

Field Prep

  • Cones to identify boundaries
  • Cones on 35 yrd line for restraining line(Girls)
  • 4 Balls on each end-line, plus 1 Game Ball
  • Yellow(Girls)
  • White(Boys)
  • Move Goals into Crease(2 People Recommended)
  • Ensure they are in good condition(Zip tie corners if necessary)
  • Ensure Parents are in the bleachers behind the benches or on the opposite sideline 4M away from boundary
  • Ensure Restrooms are open

Game Box

  • Blank Scoresheets(Boys & Girls)
  • Gameday Protocol Laminate
  • Tabletop Flip Numbers
  • Timer
  • Pencils/Pens
  • Horn
  • First Aid Kit
  • Instant Ice
  • Cone for AP(Alternate Possession Indicator)
  • Game-balls (Yellow or White)

Scorekeep Table Setup

  • Blank Scoresheet
  • Home Team Roster (entered into scoresheet)
  • Visiting Team Roster (entered into scoresheet)
  • Horn
  • Timer
  • Cone for AP Indicator
  • Pencils/Pens
  • Tabletop Flip Numbers
  • Rules Cheatsheet
  • Gameday Protocols
  • 2 to 3 Chairs
  • Tent (Optional)

Questions? Refer to Team Manager or respective Director.

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