Team Manager(s)

Join the Team! Become a Team Manager and Make This Season Unforgettable!

Calling all passionate parents! We need your help to make this season truly special for our young athletes. To achieve this, we're looking for 1-2 dedicated Team Managers at each level.

What does a Team Manager do?

  • Communication Champion: Partner with the coach to keep everyone informed. Share practice schedules, game updates, and exciting news with parents and players.
  • Organization Whiz: Coordinate snack schedules, team events, and other logistics to ensure smooth sailing throughout the season.
  • Bonding Booster: Plan fun activities and team spirit initiatives to help players connect and create lasting friendships.

Why become a Team Manager?

  • Make a difference: Your contributions directly impact your child's experience and the overall success of the team.
  • Build community: Connect with other parents and create a supportive network for the team.
  • Gain valuable skills: Develop leadership, communication, and organizational skills that benefit you in all aspects of life.
  • Fun and rewarding experience: Witnessing your child and teammates thrive while contributing to their journey is truly fulfilling.

No experience needed! We provide all the resources and support you need to succeed.

Let's work together to create an unforgettable season!

A photo showcasing a group of happy children playing their sport, symbolizing the joy and camaraderie that team managers help cultivate.

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