Game Day Volunteers

Having a successful Game Day can't be done without you! Passionate parents willing to volunteer to be scorekeepers, spotters, timers, field managers, or sideline managers? Hosting visiting teams are a fun way to get close to the action. Training will be provided, virtually or in-person. (TBD)


Home or Away, we need to provide at least one. 2 Scorekeepers total at the table.

Here are some basics:

  • Fill out our Roster
  • Get visiting team roster and enter
  • Record, scores (time of score) and saves, at a minimum.
  • Have Referee sign the scoresheet at the end of the game


None or 1, just assisting the scorekeeper and timer watching for referees signals, or helping record the jersey number of goal scorer and assisting player.(optional)


Identify and verifies time for each quarter and half-time duration (ask Referee).

Field Managers

Responsible for setup of field. Ensure goals are in good condition, setup cones, table, chairs, team box, tent if needed.

Sideline Managers (TBD as Optional)

You get to wear a special vest. Attend the Pre-Game meeting with Referee and Coaches. Just ensure that the spectator sideline is following the Parent Code of Conduct policy protocols.

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