What is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse, a timeless classic and the fastest-growing sport in North America, boasts a rich history dating back over 500 years. Rooted in the traditions of the Haudenosaunee(Iroquois) tribes, this fast-paced field game has captivated audiences for generations in the Eastern US and Canada. Now, its dynamic blend of elements from soccer, basketball, and ice hockey is propelling its popularity across the nation, attracting players and fans at all levels.

Gameplay & Skills

Lacrosse is like a fast-paced mix of soccer, basketball, and hockey. Players run around a big field, using sticks with nets to scoop and shoot a ball into goals. It's exciting with lots of scoring (think over 10 goals per game!), and kids learn teamwork, strategy, and skill. It's a fun way for your child to be active and make friends.

Think of it as a sport where your child can:

  • Run and jump like in soccer
  • Pass and shoot like in basketball
  • Use a stick and defend like in hockey
  • Be part of a team and learn strategy

If your child loves sports or wants to try something new, lacrosse could be a great fit!

Best Age to Start?

The earlier the better, but any age is good. We have had players as young as seven, and we have had others that did not start until high school. We are looking to add 8U Co-Ed Teams if there is enough interest.

Our Vision for an 8U CO-ED program would be an introduction to lacrosse. The emphasis is on stick skills, physical fitness, and most importantly having fun with friends. Scrimmages are small-sided game, minimal travel and minimal equipment. Practices and games would be easily coordinated other spring sports.

Physical Contact

It depends! First of all, men’s and women’s rules are different, with minimal contact allowed in the women’s game. Men’s lacrosse allows more contact, including some forms of body-checking. 

Youth lacrosse uses modified rules that progress from very limited contact at the U8/U10 ages up to full contact at the high school level. Contact is generally more that you would see in soccer or basketball, but less than in football or hockey. Additionally, physical conditioning is an important aspect of lacrosse, as it is a fast-paced full-field sport.

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