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Due to low registration numbers with Rookies and Veterans, those camps are not happening. We will only have the 8U camp. Repeat: 8U camp is still on as planned. 

DLA has (had) three camp offerings this summer!

  1. 8U Camp | July 25-28 | 6-7pm @ Civic Field | Free!
  2. Rookie Camp | July 25-28 | 7-8pm @ Civic Field | $100 
  3. Veteran Camp | August 1-4 | Boys 9-11am | Girls 6-8pm | $150



  • 8U Camp is supposed to be for kids under 8. But really if you have an 8 or even 9 yr old that wants to come out with a sibling or friend, that is totally fine. The goal here is to introduce the sport to more kids at younger ages - which is what other clubs in the area have been doing and we think that's why their numbers are stronger up the ranks into high school.
  • Rookie Camp is suitable for boy and girls, any age up to 13 yrs old and with 0 to say 2 years experience. It's intended to be very fundamental and an introduction to the sport. Boys and girls will be combined for the rookie camp and they will use softer balls so gear is not absolutely required. It is fundamental but it can be a good time to get more reps for those kids that have played a year or two and want more touches.
  • Veterans Camp is suitable for boys and girls of all ages with more experience and skill and is intended to be more advanced. First or second year players who picked up the sport quickly are more than welcome to attend as well. Full gear is required.  
  • Players can attend more than one camp. 
  • And lastly, if any veteran players want to volunteer to come out and help with our 8U camp, please feel free. If we had a 1:1 or even higher ratio of coach to player, that would be pretty awesome!

Welcome to Davis Youth Lacrosse!

We are a NCJLA Youth Lacrosse Association serving Davis, CA and the greater Yolo County area. We offer youth teams for boys and girls for U10, U12, and U14. This year we are hoping to have a program for 8U players too - check back for details!


Questions about lacrosse?

Contact our board at

Please forgive us while we dust some cobwebs off, we are adapting this new Sports Engine website this season, so if you find any links that are not working properly please let us know!

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