Promoting and developing youth lacrosse in communities around Davis California


DHS Boy's Lacrosse Volunteers


Parents of our lacrosse players can volunteer to help with the team in a number of ways. The following list describes the volunteer positions required for a successful season.


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Program Coordinator – 

  • Responsible for contact between the Davis High School boys’ lacrosse parents, the high school administration and the DLA

  • Directs pre­season planning and preparation

  • Ideally is also a board member of the Davis Lacrosse Association

  • Sends out announcements to all athletes and parents via the DLA website email

  • Coordinates all information to be posted in each of the Jr. High and High School bulletins

  • Assists in pre-season planning and preparation

  • Delivers to school administrators and other community leaders along with an invitation to attend a home game

  • The goal of this effort is to raise awareness of Lacrosse in Davis.

  • Helps find Team Managers, Events Coordinator and provides assistance to these volunteers throughout the pre-season and season

  • Assists coaches to coordinate tryouts, as requested by the head coach

  • Assists coaches to coordinate team schedules, as requested by the head coach


  • Prepares and presents annual budget for both Varsity and JV teams for review and acceptance by the parents and DLA Board

  • Helps organization establish the seasonal cost for registration and play

  • Follows up to make sure that payments from the parents are received and deposited, expenditures are within budget, invoices received and processed

  • Assists in pre-season planning and preparation

  • Helps find Pre-Season Form Check, Uniform and Fundraising volunteers and provides assistance to these volunteers throughout the pre-season and season


  • Assists in pre-season planning and preparation

  • Attends all steering committee meetings, takes notes and generates minutes from the meetings

  • Assists Co-Chair 1 in scheduling pre-season and season steering committee meetings and team meetings

  • Helps find Registrar and Communication Coordinator volunteers and provides assistance to these volunteers throughout the pre-season and season


Website Coordinator

  • Writes, enters and updates all information on the Varsity/JV lacrosse webpage

  • Ideally is able to make the video available for viewing by the athletes online.



  • Oversee registration process

  • Sets up on-line registration forms, policies and questions in conjunction with Boys HS steering committee

  • Maintains master list of player, family and coaches’ contact information

  • Assists families with registration process

  • Prepares team roster on website and health insurance/emergency contact information for coaches and team drivers

  • Instruction provided by Don Aiello

  • Assists in pre-season planning and preparation


Uniform Manager (2 volunteers)

  • Works with the coach and other committee members to determine uniform needs (quantity and quality) and obtain approval for the purchase ahead of the season

  • After budget is approved, places orders for uniforms on behalf of both Varsity and JV Blue Devils Lacrosse teams, as needed

  • Tracks short size and jersey size and number for each player

  • Maintains extra team jerseys and pinnies in stock until required by the coach

  • Responsible for Spirit Wear orders

  • Assists in pre-season planning and preparation

Head Equipment Manager

  • Oversees the Lacrosse shed and coordinates with the JV and Varsity team equipment managers

  • Works with girls equipment manager to maintain an orderly and functional shared storage space

  • Informs DHS lacrosse steering committee if replacement items are needed and coordinates with coach and DHS lacrosse steering committee the purchase of new equipment

  • Before Day of Raising the Nets and Taking down the Nets

    • Send out an email requesting parents to help and to bring dolly’s, brooms and shovels

Team Manager (one Varsity & one JV):

  • Assists in pre-season planning preparation

  • Assigns volunteers for team support

  • Prepares rosters for coach/families/announcers home and away

  • Assures coaches have necessary support

  • Informs team/parents of schedule changes via email/voicemail

  • Ensures volunteers set for each home and away game

  • Ensures volunteers understand duties and are able to fulfill duties

  • Prior to each game, sends email to team/parents with game information, and to remind volunteers to be set and ready

Transportation Coordinators (one Varsity & one JV):

  • Create carpool event for each away game using  Parents can “Add a Car” and show available seats, add their player to an available car,  or have their player “Join the Waitlist”. On title state time to leave DHS and time of game.

  • Assign players on the waitlist to Cars

  • Send Laurie Williams a link to the Group Carpool so she knows who is in whom’s car:

  • Meets at the high school and verifies that all kids have a ride.

  • Enforces DHS Boys Lacrosse policy that only parents may drive players.

Scorekeeper(s) (two Varsity & two JV), Home Games Only):

  • Keeps official score

  • Arrive at field 20 minutes before the game to log names and numbers of players onto score sheets

  • Obtain official rosters from DHS coach and visiting coach. Confirm with both coaches in-home player to take #1 spot

  • Obtain officials names prior to game and officials signature after game

  • Give score sheet to team managers

  • Assist team equipment manager in returning table equipment to the score box, pick up cones


Scoreboard Operator (two Varsity & two JV. Home Games Only)

  • Operates scoreboard and clock

  • Separate Scoreboard operator for JV and Varsity

  • Coordinates with field timekeeper to provide consistent game times

  • Trained by Stadium staff


Timekeeper(s) /Air horn (two Varsity & two JV. Home Games Only)

  • The timekeeper is responsible for keeping the time of both the game and any penalties called

  • Communicate with the scoreboard operators and the officials to ensure the game is timed correctly

  • The timekeeper is responsible for using the air horn when needed – verify air horn works properly before each start of the game

  • Separate timekeepers for JV and Varsity

  • Instruction provided at beginning of season


Spotter (two Varsity & two JV. Home & Away Games)

  • Assists scorekeeper/team statistician and timekeeper

  • Confirms and records referees calls, calls out stats for the statistician

  • Must be able to follow the game closely

  • Separate spotters for JV and Varsity

  • Instruction provided at the beginning of the season


Team statistician (two Varsity & two JV. Home & Away Games)

  • Records and reports/posts game and seasonal statistics requested by Coach

  • Posts statistics on Blue Devils Lacrosse website and provides coaches and publicist with game and season statistics after each game

  • Separate statisticians for JV and Varsity

  • Instruction provided at the beginning of the season


Home Game Equipment and Field Manager (two Varsity & two JV):

  • Informs Head Equipment Manager and Team Manager if replacement items are needed.

  • First home game team (JV or Varsity)

    • Arrive 30 to 40 minutes before the game.

    • Coordinate with the Coach/Team Manager to unlock gate and equipment shed.

    • Collect field equipment – field box, first aid, table, chairs, cones, pop-up tents and tarps for rain days

    • Help set up field – cones, tables and chairs

    • 5 minutes prior to start of game, place 5 balls at each end zone

    • At end of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter, set ball along end zone, can coordinate with others to help

    • 5 minutes prior to halftime, prepare to collect the balls at halftime - can place balls under the cones at the corners of the field.  

    • At end of game, immediately collect all balls and place them back in score box – can coordinate with others to help

  • Last home game team (JV or Varsity)

    • Collect field equipment and bring back to shed

    • Empty cart to boys side

    • Coordinate with Coach /Team Manager to lock shed and gate

    • 5 minutes prior to start of game, place 5 balls at each end zone

    • At end of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter, set ball along end zone, can coordinate with others to help

    • At end of game, immediately collect all balls and place them back in score box – can coordinate with others to help

  • Away games

    • First home game team – pick up pop-up and tarp from shed and bring to game and set up for rainy day games.  Coordinate with the manager for access to the shed.

    • Away game team – take down and store pop-up and tarp.  Dry prior to putting back in shed by next home game in time for JV field set up.


Hydration Manager (one Varsity & one JV. Home Games Only) and Team Half Time Snack (All games)

  • All games – bring sliced oranges for half time hydration snack.  Can coordinate with other parents

  • Home games

    • First home game team (JV or Varsity) collect hydration stations from the shed and bring to the field

    • Fill hydration stations from spigot on the track

    • Last team to bring hydration stations back to the equipment shed

    • Check that officials have water at the start of each game.


Home Game Announcer (one Varsity & one JV. Home Games Only)

  • Responsible for announcing all home games

  • This task includes managing music (provided by coaches or parents) for pre-game warm-up and half time listening

  • The announcer will work with the Team Manager to obtain a roster of the Blue Devil players with their numbers in numerical order and to request a similar roster from the visiting team


Publicist (two Varsity & two JV. Home & Away Games)

The Davis Enterprise publishes articles on each JV and Varsity game.


  • Follow the publicist form provided on the website to prepare notes of the games

  • JV only both home and away

    • Submit article to the Sports Department at Davis Enterprise currently Bruce Gallaudet by every Monday at noon for the Tuesday article.  Best to submit as early as possible so we get the space.  This article should cover the previous Tuesday and Friday games.

    • Contact Bruce regarding information he prefers to receive.

    • Work with the Team Photographer to make sure a photo is submitted.  The Enterprise staff prefers several photos to choose from.

  • Varsity home games

    • Contact the Sports Department at Davis Enterprise currently Chris Saur to check if the Enterprise will have a journalist at the game.  If not, see below.

  • Varsity home games without Enterprise journalist and away games

    • Talk to the team photographer about what photos will be submitted.

    • Look over the stats both at halftime and after the game to get stats on the goalie (how many saves/takeaways) and defensive stats (takeaways).

    • Submit information by 10 pm the night of the game.  Can call in the article or send via email.

Team Photographer (one Varsity & one JV. Home & Away Games)

  • Assists in the preparation of the poster

  • Takes team photos and senior photo for poster

  • Assist in preparing poster for distribution

  • Responsible for photographing all games and coordinating with publicist to submit images to the paper along with the game report

  • Places photos on Team Shutterfly Website  


Team Videographer (one Varsity & one JV - Home & Away Games)

  • Responsible for capturing each game on video and providing a copy to the coach on CD


Events Committee (three Varsity & three JV)

  • Coordinates and oversees the volunteers who are coordinating the: Pasta Feed, Break the Record Night, Senior Night and End-of-Season Party

  • Consider creating a signup genius for each event

  • Works with the Varsity Team Manager for Senior Night and the End-of-the-Season party

  • Works with the Steering Committee for Break the Record Night


Pasta Feed

  • Regular pasta feeds for team to be held at a parent’s home, with parents/players supplying food – ideally once a month

  • Procure a house to host the pasta feed, and procuring the food/items that players/parents supply.  Typically, host provides the pasta, and the team provides the sauce (both meat and veggie), many loaves of bread/garlic bread, drinks, fruit, dessert, plates, utensils, cups.

  • Separate pasta feeds for JV and Varsity


Break the Record Night

  • Coordinate publicity, food and beverage sales, and half time performance.


Senior Night

  • Special recognition for our Senior Lacrosse players during one of our final home games

  • Request and obtain Senior bio’s from parents/players

  • Work with the Announcer once all bio’s are obtained

  • Work with the Varsity Head coach on timing of the event and notifying the visiting team’s coach

  • Obtain entertainment for the night – dance team, cheer, pep band

  • Obtain roses for the parents


End-of-Season Party

  • Plan and execute the end-of-season party for both JV and Varsity teams

  • Secure a venue, food and drink planning, retrieval of uniforms, coordination with coaches of individual and team awards

  • Organize gifts and cards for the coaches (ideas include framed, signed team photo)

  • Work with the Athletic Director/Co-Chair 1 to obtain individual player certificates

  • Obtain individual player plaque plates from the Varsity coach

  • Obtain pins and Letter from Athletic Director

  • Send out email invitation to both teams, requests for party sign-up as necessary, and reminders


Fundraising Coordinator (one Varsity & one JV)

  • Works with and coordinates a committee to plan and execute fundraising events during the year

  • Includes setting up dates, securing venues, sign-ups for volunteers, required event donations and include

    • Procuring businesses to purchase space for poster - if one is again produced (business card, monetary contributor)

    • Execution of a car wash fundraiser – run mainly by players and coaches, with some parent help

    • Execution of a stringing clinic