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Scorekeeper guidelines - boys
Typically the scorekeeper keeps the score box and brings it to all games (including away games).
The scorekeeper should get a score box from the equipment manager and make sure it has the all of the proper contents (Score keeper’s box checklist) and that everything is in proper working order well before each game.
Scorekeeper responsibilities for each game
Be at the field at least 25 minutes before the start of the game.
1.  Complete game day information before the start of the game (Boys score sheet; girls score sheet) - Get rosters from both teams and fill in the score sheet. For boys the “In home” player MUST BE FIRST on the roster list.  The coach should designate a starting Attack player.  Under NO. put in the player’s jersey number.  Under NAME, put in the first initial of the player’s first name and the last name.  Note the goalies are recorded near the bottom of the score sheet.  If a player plays both a field position and a goalie position, record their jersey number and name in both positions.
Put in date, field site and conditions; names of the scorekeeper, timekeeper, sideline managers and officials.  Put in the team names of the Home and Visitor teams. Mark stop time or run time.  If run time how many minutes per period.
2. Prepare field for play - Put 7 cones on field (boys); 6 cones (girls); Put out 8 balls; 4 on each end line (mark the balls with a D for recovery later)
3. Prep table for scoring – Use painter’s tape to tape down the score sheet.  Cover with plastic sheet if it is raining.  Put out the flip scorer, if it’s being used.
4.  Scoring – When a goal is scored first record information in the upper part of the score sheet. Record the jersey number of the player who scored the goal.  If there is an assist record the jersey number of the player who earned the assist. (See Statistical Definitions).  Check with the spotter, statistician and coach if necessary. Ask the time keeper for the time of the goal and record the time in period.  Record goals from left to right and do not skip cells.  This allows for easy confirmation of the score.
Next, for goals put a tick mark in the box that corresponds to the player and period in which the goal was scored.  Note the score sheet has two columns for overtime periods.  If a goal is scored in overtime, put a tick mark in the box that corresponds to the player and O/T period in which the goal was scored. For assists, put a tick mark in the box for the appropriate player.
If there is a Flip Scorer (mini scoreboard) at the table, change the score for the team that just scored the goal.
At the end of each period, total the tick marks and put the total in the column that corresponds to the period.  The sum of the goals for all of the periods should be the same as the total count of goals scored as indicated in the upper part of the score sheet.
4. Recording penalties – Penalties are recorded for each team in the order that they are given by the official.  Become familiar with the referee’s hand signals for penalties.  Under PER (Period) record the number of the period. Under NO. record the jersey number of the player with the penalty. Under OFFENSE record the type of penalty, e.g., slash, offside, unsportsmanlike conduct. Under MIN, record the length of the penalty in minutes, e.g., 30 seconds or 0.5, 1, 2 or 3. Under TIME record the time remaining for the period (ask the Timekeeper).
5. Recording saves – For save put a tick mark in the box that corresponds to the goalie and the period in which a save was earned.  See Saves in Statistical Definitions.
6. Recording time outs – For U11 up through HS Varsity, teams are entitled to two time outs per half and if the game goes into Overtime, one time out per O/T period.  Record the time remaining in the period at which time the time out is taken.
7. Table personnel are neutral.  There should be no comments to either coach, players or referees regarding play.  If there is an issue with a coach or player, ask the referees to intervene.
Post Game
Get score sheets signed by the officials.  Hand top copy (white) to the home team’s coach and bottom copy (yellow) to the visitors’ team coach.

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