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The statistician and spotter work together to track the desired statistics for the team.  Check with your coach before the beginning of the season to determine which statistics he/she wants collected.
Both the statistician and spotter should be on the sideline 25 minutes before the start of each game.
The spotter’s key role is to keep eyes on the ball and action at all times and call out the team name, player number and appropriate statistic, e.g., Davis, 19, ground ball.
The statistician records the activity and as time permits is also watching the game for recordable statistics.  The statistician will load the statistics on the Davis Lacrosse website after each game.
The statistician should echo each call made by the spotter to make sure they are hearing and recording correctly.
Both the statistician and spotter should be familiar with the following documents.  To save time, statisticians should come to each game with the Davis roster already put into the collection sheet.
Boys Statistics Definitions
Boys Statistics Master
Girls Statistics Master
Statistics website codes
How do I put in scores and statistics?