Promoting and developing youth lacrosse in communities around Davis California


Developing, improving and maintaining stick skills should be an objective of every lacrosse player.  Those players at the top of the game have consistently stated that wall ball drills and exercises are one of the activities that keep them in top form.  Here are four sources:

Wall ball drills on Kudda:

Wall ball drills from Backdoor goals

Wall ball drills by Paul Carcaterra

Wall ball drills – Usefi

Stick skills by Crista Samaras

If you don’t have an adequate wall at home for practice, there’s THE WALL.  The "Wall" refers to the Lacrosse Wall located on the south side of Russell Field on the UC Davis campus.  From Russell Blvd turn south on California Avenue and proceed towards the tennis courts.  You will see the "Wall" on the east side of California Avenue.

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